Krema Fashion Showroom
For more than 20 years we have been distributing Italian fashion brands on the Russian market. Our showroom represents such brands as Rinascimento, Kitana, Kontatto and also searches for other new promising Italian brands.

An experienced team of brand managers will help you to place your order in a cosy atmosphere in the centre of Moscow and also to open a corner or a monobrand shop. We rely on the realities and trends of the market and aim at direct sales.

Based on our long experience, we can provide different options for cargo escorting from Italy to your warehouse, including customs clearance and marking of goods. Our goal is a long-term cooperation.

We participate in the largest international and regional exhibitions of fashion industry and the brands cooperate with leading fashion magazines all over the world and famous bloggers.

We love what we do and we want to participate in the development of fashion business in Russia. We strive to ensure that our work evokes respect, trust and sympathy in our customers. We help our clients from all parts of Russia to manage successfully their small or big businesses!

Scheme of work:

You can place orders in our showroom in Moscow, where you can choose any model from new
collections or base. Cooperation with our brands is a great opportunity to earn money!

Why do customers choose this brand? Because:

  • These are collections that arrive quickly from Italy!
  • You don't freeze your money in advance!
  • Rinascimento is always a huge selection of models!
  • This is Made in Italy quality!
  • This is the image and customer loyalty!
Krema Fashion Consulting
Thanks to our long-term experience in fashion, we can provide personalized solutions upon your requests and transform your tasks into results in order to implement your business in the Russian Federation.

Strategic consulting

• Formation and implementation of a commercial and marketing plan for business development, product analysis, prices, clients, retail chains and competitors.
• Definition and development of commercial and marketing tools
• Legal support
• Development of a media plan and communication management (especially website management and content creation)
• Product consultation, merchandising
• Searching for advanced business opportunities (marketplace, production for private label, etc.)
• Analysis of retail chains, searching for agents and distributors, participation in specialized exhibitions
• Formation of the company team, recruitment, coordination of back office and customer support department
Krema Fashion can offer you the opportunity to open your own shop with italian clothes and accessories in franchising.

Franchise development
Franchises of branded clothing are an excellent choice for the development of a profitable business in modern conditions.

Krema Fashion can offer you the opportunity to open your own shop with italian clothes and accessories in franchising.

We will help you find a space for a boutique or evaluate what you offer, launch the store and set up operational processes.

By opening a franchise clothing store, you will get the opportunity to work with a well-known global brand that is loved and appreciated by millions of customers around the world.

Collaboration with Krema Fashion is a great chance to start a fashionable and profitable business.


Rinascimento is a 20-year-old fast-fashion brand owned by the Teddy Group with a consolidated annual turnover of $ 770 millions. It is one of the largest companies in the world that deals with pronto moda (ready-to-wear).

Rinascimento is in the Top 5 Sellout for major clients such as Stockmann and Lady & Gentleman.
The brand produces 8 collections per year: 4 Spring/Summer collections and 4 Autumn/Winter collections.

The company constantly renews collections and thus allows our clients to work in real time and give customers the opportunity to dress according to the latest fashion trends.

Short production and delivery terms (2-3 weeks to produce the order and about a week to deliver, many models are already in stock in Italy) also make Rinascimento a promising brand for cooperation.

All goods are made in Italy, the average wholesale price is 35/40 euro per item.

Rinascimento is also developing a line of accessories (shoes, bags, belts, scarves, etc.), which could be an excellent addition to the image of customers.

The brand Kontatto was created in Italy in 1995 by Federico Ballandi in partnership with Gianluca Goldoni and Stefano Trecchi.

Kontatto follows fashion trends and creates them! The concept of the brand is jersey of the highest quality (wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics are used), as well as the most stylish, constantly updated fashion models. Kontatto produces two main collections per year- Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, with addition of Flash collections. On weekly basis it introduces New Inn collections, so the customers can constantly update the assortment of their stores. There is also available the selection of basic models.

Kontatto is considered one of the best fast fashion brands of the moment in terms of price/quality ratio (production in 2/3 weeks and a huge variety of models already available in stock).

The average purchase price is 30/40 euro.

You can see and order all the models in our showroom in Moscow.
Continues the Rinascimento line with the Size plus models from sizes 46 to 54.

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