The brand Kontatto was created in Italy in 1995 by Federico Ballandi in partnership with Gianluca Goldoni and Stefano Trecchi.

Kontatto follows fashion trends and creates them! The concept of the brand is jersey of the highest quality (wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics are used), as well as the most stylish, constantly updated fashion models. Kontatto produces two main collections per year- Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, with addition of Flash collections. On weekly basis it introduces New Inn collections, so the customers can constantly update the assortment of their stores. There is also available the selection of basic models.

Kontatto is considered one of the best fast fashion brands of the moment in terms of price/quality ratio (production in 2/3 weeks and a huge variety of models already available in stock).

The average purchase price is 30/40 euro.

You can see and order all the models in our showroom in Moscow.
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